Deepblocks: Dashboard




Deepblocks is an artificial intelligence company converging 3D modeling, machine learning, and financial analysis within real estate development to provide city-wide intelligence.

In the summer of 2021, I interned at Deepblocks as both lead of the public relations intern team and dashboard developer.

As dashboard developer, I worked with one other intern to develop a web program that tracks customer engagement with the Deepblocks software via Intercom, including subscription price, initiation/termination dates, geographical information, customer MRR, and more. The dashboard was coded in HTML and Python, using Plotly, Dash, and Pandas.

As the dashboard becomes more developed, the Deepblocks team hopes to include its data visualizations in the company's investment deck.

Note: Only clips of the dashboard are captured in the images as to respect the information of Deepblocks and its customers.